The Moth & The Flame – “&” [EP]


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 5 November 2013

The end of your world can be a beautiful thing, as shown by Utah three-piece The Moth & The Flame on their second release, Ampersand (or just “&”). The Moth & The Flame play electronic rock with bass-heavy experimental beats analogous to Atoms for Peace. They paint an entrancing, horrifying world through schizophrenic tempos and IDM-influenced song structures. Brandon Robbins and Mark Garbett are versatile singers, proceeding from an Ian Curtis meander to a Thom Yorke falsetto to a Bono belt-out, often within the same song (e.g. “Sorry”).  Andrew Tolman plays cracked-out clicks and cuts percussion. Fractured guitar melodies coast through songs.  A choral effect on the vocals creates a disaffected, maniacal atmosphere. The instruments are heavily processed and droney. “Silver Tongue” dives into an ambient bass passage at the bridge, and “Holy War” has an ominous organ drone.  A pseudo-industrial feel permeates each track, like robots making art without understanding emotions. Listen to it as you lose what’s left of yourself.

Some tracks work well for morning shows. Out on Hidden Records.

All clean. Bold font marks the cuts. Asterisks mark the morning show tracks.

*1. Sorry – (3:30)
*2. Winsome – (3:56)
*3. Silver Tongue – (3:51)
4. Monster – (3:50)
5. Holy War – (2:15)
*6. How We Woke Up – (4:42)

RIYL: Atoms for Peace, Joy Division, Thom Yorke’s solo output, Aphex Twin, Ratatat

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