Little Suns – “Normal Human Feelings”


Tag: Heavy, Fresh Fruit, Five Stars

Release date: 8 October 2013

Little Suns is a baroque pop/indie folk collective with a core quintet based out of Montreal, Quebec. Two band members, John Cockburn and Robin Meyer-MacLeod, pulled a Zach Condon by traveling through Romania and Hungary, resulting in a distinctly Eastern European texture on the Suns’ debut album, Normal Human Feelings. Here are nine tracks of incredibly heartfelt tales of passion, strife, and adventure. The beautifully orchestrated soundscapes bring to life complex, intricate arrangements of accordion, Wurlitzer, bouzouki, cello, uilleann pipes, and trumpets. A haunting piano ballad fills “Antichrist,” a jubilant electric guitar supports “Wake Up,” and a breathtakingly evocative string arrangement leads the heartrending “Where Do People Go When They Go Away.” Little Suns provokes a vivacity of spirit and zest of life. They perfectly balance jovial playfulness and maturescent poignancy without sacrificing the integrity of either. Normal Human Feelings revels in the solidarity of existence. What’s more, the recording of this album was funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage!

Beautiful for morning shows. Out on Divergent Recordings.

All clean! Everything is a cut. Only track not good for morning shows is #6.

1. Sunboat – (7:41)
2. Overnite Flite – (3:52)
3. Where Do People Go When They Go Away – (4:16)
4. Black Elephant – (5:07)
5. Wake Up – (5:07)
6. Antichrist – (3:50)
7. Them Girls – (4:35)
8. Child of the Night – (3:07)
9. Istanbul – (5:36)

RIYL: Beirut, Owen Pallett, Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores, Rachel’s, Neutral Milk Hotel

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