Luke Carter – “Stars” [EP]

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Release date: 7 January 2014

Luke Carter plays pop/acoustic rock on his early 2014 release Stars. It’s cliché, radio-friendly (wink wink) Top-40 filler. Acoustic guitar leads segue into electric guitar riffs with Casio keyboard effects as backing. Lyrics are rather cringeworthy: “I won’t live here for a moment, with you by my side we are both stars” being the worst offender. His voice has a slight Southern twang from his rural Georgia upbringing (which isn’t a bad thing!), but he’s a little off-key in several points. He’s not a bad musician, just doesn’t have many ideas to call his own, and all five tracks are rather stale love songs. There are some cool steel/slide guitar reels. The guest feature by Evie Carter on “Girlfriend” was ill-advised; her singing is painfully high-pitched and breathy. Stars is a classic example of a release that doesn’t really have anything to offer: Luke Carter is a tight musician, but he wastes his talent in blandness. Hopefully he’ll refine himself next time around. Stars might entrance 13-year olds, but I wouldn’t recommend you try.

Works for morning shows. It’s self-released.

All clean in the ways your youth pastor would approve.

1. Stars – (3:01)
2. Hello Freedom – (2:46)
3. Open – (3:33)
4. Girlfriend, feat. Evie Carter – (3:19)
5. Crooked Fingers – (3:27)

RIYL: Lifehouse, John Mayer, Luke Carter

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One response to “Luke Carter – “Stars” [EP]

  1. The lyric is “I won’t leave here for a moment with you by my side we are both stars” Learn to truly listen without such criticism and you might enjoy life more 🙂
    -Luke Carter

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