Black Black Black – “Black Black Black”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 5 February 2013

Being dark is fun as hell, as Brooklyn deathrock group Black Black Black demonstrates on their debut self-titled release. The album is split between “uppers” (fast, hard-rolling, blues-inspired rockers; think early Misfits) and “downers” (slow tracks that chug along in sludgey chord structures). The production is seriously bass-heavy and adds a nice groove. A give ‘em hell attitude permeates the album through singer Jason Byers’ bleak, shouted vocals. Black Black Black makes their love for heavy metal well-known, with tongue-in-cheek song titles like “Drum O)))))))” and “Pentagram On.” The album sounds like a really good demo compilation; some tracks feel incomplete, like the arabesque riff on “Lexipro Devil” that feels like a placeholder for an idea never fully fleshed out. This will please fans of classic heavy metal and deathrock, but the question is: how much more black can they get? And the answer is none.

Uppers are good for morning shows, maybe punk shows. Out on Aqualamb.

Cuts are in bold. Watch the No-Play: #3.


1. Séance for a Sucker – (0:48)
2. Pentagram On – (1:42)
5. Mishandled Cult Funds – (2:30)
7. Redeath – (1:24)
9. Soar Like a Spider – (1:58)

11. Drum O))))))) – (2:18)


3. Wisdom, Knowledge, & Fucked – (6:12)
4. Light Light Light – (3:09)
6. Night Moves – (2:02)
8. Fever Is Law – (4:10)
10. Lexipro Devil – (5:38)
12. Son of Bad – (4:41)

RIYL: Misfits, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Red Fang

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