Cosmic Psychos – “Go the Hack”


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 1 December 1989 [Original]17 September 2013 [Reissue]

Cosmic Psychos is an Australian hardcore punk/post-punk that don’t give no fucks. Go the Hack is their second album, only 30 minutes long this time around and originally issued in 1989. The driving, drop-tuned guitars have a sound more in-line with the burgeoning sludge/stoner metal scene than punk. The songs are aggressive and loud as hell while being short and tight, with only two tracks passing the 4-minute mark.  The glossier production includes a gated drum reverb; the guitars have less fuzz and more wah-wah. The yelling has understandable lyrics! But, the polish might turn off some diehard DIY/lo-fi punks. The Psychos play immaculate three/four-chord hooks with totally distorted guitar solos (e.g. “Pub”) in a style that had few contemporaries, the closest being Reagan Youth and Hüsker Dü. There’s little screwing around; the Psychos have a witty disregard that played a sharp commentary on Aussie yob culture. Highly recommended for fans of punk/metal hybrids and early post-hardcore.

Awesome for morning shows and punk shows. Reissue is on Goner Records and Sub Pop.

All cuts! Watch those no-plays: #4, #7, #8, #9.

1. Lost Cause – (3:32)
2. Rip ‘n’ Dig – (3:22)
3. She’s Crackin’ Up – (2:00)
4. Out of the Band – (3:16)
5. Alright Tonite – (3:05)
6. Pub – (5:09)
7. Back in Town – (2:43)
8. Elle – (2:32)
9. Go the Hack – (4:24)

RIYL: Quicksand, Kyuss, The Stooges, Reagan Youth, Husker Du, The Nation of Ulysses

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