Cosmic Psychos – “Down on the Farm EP & Cosmic Psychos” [2013 Reissue]


Tag: HeavySuper Spins

Release date: 1985/December 1987 [Original]8 October 2013 [Reissue]

Cosmic Psychos is an Australian band that embodied early Stooges/UK punk’s brash, unfettered masculinity and qualified it with a sense of self-awareness and self-deprecation. Down on the Farm EP & Cosmic Psychos is a reissue/compilation of their first two releases, from 1985 and 1987 respectively. Song lengths span from barely two-minute ditties to sprawling 7-minute opuses. Verse riffs are reminiscent of Lyle Preslar’s work in Minor Threat. Solos are artsy, extended, and slightly messed-up, and they show the Psychos’ first experiments with feedback distortion and wah-wah (like the bridge of Black Flag’s “Rise Above”). The paunchy bass is easily heard through the unrefined, raw production. The three band members use that barely intelligible delivery popular in American hardcore. They speak/yell of having no money, strange encounters with strange women, and being a jellyfish. The Psychos’ first two releases belie harder-edged post-punk experimentation in unconventional song structures (e.g. “Gangrene Dream”) and abrasive drop-tuned guitars. Highly recommended for punk purists.

Amazing for morning shows and punk shows. Reissue is on Goner Records.

Bold tracks are the cuts! There are tons of no-plays: #1, #10, #13 #15, #16, #17, #18

Down on the Farm EP:
1. Custom Credit – (5:57)
2. Down on the Farm –(3:17)
3. She’s a Cat – (2:32)
4. Crazy Woman – (7:37)
5. Gangrene Dream – (6:24)

Cosmic Psychos:
6. Decadence – (1:43)
7. Going Down – (2:00)
8. Lead Me Astray – (2:06)
9. No Complications – (2:59)
10. Rain on You – (2:06)
11. Quarter to Three – (5:12)
12. Tell Me That You Love Me – (2:39)
13. Jellyfish – (4:53)
14. Rambo – (3:19)
15. Can’t Come In – (2:19)
16. 74 Seconds – (2:13)
17. David Lee Roth – (3:14)
18. Custom Credit [Demo Version] – (4:49)
19. No Money [2013 Reissue Bonus Track] – (3:40)

RIYL: Minor Threat, Black Flag, early Wire, Reagan Youth, The Stooges, Killing Joke, Crime & The City Solution

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