“45 Speed” Specialty Show – 26 November 2013

I did another “45 Speed” specialty show on WVFS Tallahassee, 89.7FM last night! As before, it’s a vinyl-only show where 7-inch records are the sole format played on air from 10PM to 12AM. Fun times, here are my notes, the bold tracks being my personal favorites:

Longstocking – Will You Stay? (girl power pop punk, fuck yeah!)
The Silver Apples – I Have Known Love (who knew the kinks were so indie?… and swirly)
Love of Dracula – Marlon Magas (definitely influenced by Captain Beefheart and screaming)
The Clientele – Haunted Melody (wistfulness of mid-60s Beatles with Simon & Garkfunkel guitars, and some indie lo-fi reverb thrown in)
CharlotteField – The Flood (early 90s math rock)
Cessna – Well I Guess I Don’t Mind (Swedish indie pop that goes sha-la-la)
Bill Ding – Know It Right (eccentric post-rock with what’s either really distorted guitars or an electronic xylophone)
Laurels – Ruby (rolling, repetitive guitar lick against spoken word lyrics)
Fing Fang Foom – Ravenous (haunted house piano intro followed up by post-hardcore)
Fastbacks – Whatever Happened To (meh., sub pop garage about love)
Tocotronic – Vier Geschichten von Dir (meandering German indie rock; I didn’t even know this existed)
Alan Sparhawk – Sleep Song (a tender lullaby)
Class – Sierra (Chasing My Dream) (like a downtempo electronic Bark Psychosis off Hex, with female vocals)
Witch Hazel – Just Don’t Try (like if Ben Gibbard sang on My Bloody Valentine’s Isn’t Anything)
Turkish Delight – In My House (laconic Boston punk rock)
The Thugs – Bombshelter (live garage/surf rock)
Massey Ferguson – Radar Spelled Backwards (lose the singer, and they’d be a great instrumental rock band)
Unrest – Cath Caroll (indie rock and fun times)
Yukhonic – When All Else Fails (noisy electronic hardcore)
Jake Ryan – Opa (more indie rock, but that bass line is sick)
Frankenfinger – Minuet (ode to a cutesy French girl)
The Lot Six – Anniversary (late 90s emo, with that disaffected Cali tenor and everything)
Bob – Pope Is (is the Pope a metaphor for sexual frustration? I’m so confused by this)
The Bartlebees – Zeno Cosini (bored German indie pop that makes me bored)
The Buff Medways – Strood Lites (stroooooooooood lites! the end.)
At the Price of the Union – Shifting (math rock and Sunny Day Real Estate, dat bass!!!)
The Splash Four – Armchair Thrillseeker (like a French version of Warsaw, and I can’t believe I’m making that reference)
Black Mollies – Do the Math (really rough post-hardcore focusing on loud/soft)
Flying Saucer Attack – Land Beyond the Sun (hurr durr one of my favorite bands)
Floor – [Unknown Track] (hardcore sludge/stoner doom)
The Eyesores – Train (I don’t even know anymore, man)
’68 Comeback – Flip, Flop, & Fly (blues rock, good way to end the shift)


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