Dagoba – “Post Mortem Nihil Est”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 24 May 2013

Dagoba spread their visions of a world rife with discord and chaos like a virus on their tumultuous fifth full-length album, Post Mortem Nihil Est. The French groove/death metal band has been active since 2000. The immediate standout is the extraordinary technical proficiency of drummer Franky Costanza, who aptly demonstrates that percussion in metal is more than just blast beats. Lead guitarist Z integrates thrash riffs and tremolo pickings into the death style. Lead singer Shawter tenaciously growls and anthemically sings clean choruses, like a flagbearer on the battlefield. The lyrics garishly describe the end of times, fire and brimstone, hauntings, and the extinction of dinosaurs (R.I.P, ye great reptiles). They’re not a highlight, and detract by being campy, even for metal standards. Shawter uses raucous symphonic backings and industrial elements: buzzing flies, spoken word, air sirens, and white noise filters that mangle his voice. Dagoba is a gateway band for groove and death metal, and Post Mortem Nihil Est will carry the standard for a new generation of fans.

Yes for metal shows, or you fail. Also serves a healthy shot of Armageddon for morning shows. Released through eOne Music.

Cuts are in bold. There are No-Plays: #1, #7, #9, #10.

1. When Winter… – (5:33)
2. The Realm Black – (6:18)
3. I, Reptile – (5:04)
4. Yes We Die – (4:40)

5. Kiss Me Kraken – (4:23)
6. Nevada – (1:42)
7. The Great Wonder – (4:45)
8. The Day After the Apocalypse – (5:21)
9. Son of a Ghost – (5:01)
10. Oblivion is for the Living – (4:28)
11. By the Sword – (3:38)

RIYL: Pantera, Gojira, Super Metroid, Sepultura

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