Cate Le Bon – “Mug Museum”


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 12 November 2013


Mug Museum is the third album by Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon. Psych pop and stereophonic experimentations of the late 1960s heavily inspire her music. Mug Museum has a distinctly sunny atmosphere that’s a requisite of its recording in California, considering the deathly lyrical themes (Cate’s grandmother passed away during the writing). The languid guitars and rhythm section nod toward the C86 era of indie pop. Cate’s strong Welsh accent gives each word a vague, carefree pronunciation characteristic of psych. Cate plays with her range, but she hasn’t perfected her higher end and it’s occasionally distracting, like in the siren-esque scale at the end of “Duke” and the “ahh-woo” in “Sisters.” Mellow organs provide the backdrop for harmonies and intermittently perform Doors-esque melodies. I hope Cate is more willing to experiment on her next release, as the piano/sax combo “Mug Museum” and droney/discordant “Cuckoo through the Walls” are standout grade-A tracks. Mug Museum is a nice introduction to modern psych pop.

Sunny, but not wake-up sunny, so skip for Caffeine. Out in the US on Wichita Recordings.

All clean, cuts are in bold. Woo!

1. I Can’t Help You – (4:00)
2. Are You with Me Now? – (4:29)
3. Duke – (3:49)
4. No God – (4:38)
5. I Think I Knew – (4:48)
6. Wild – (3:28)
7. Sisters – (4:05)
8. Mirror Me – (3:48)
9. Cuckoo through the Walls – (5:29)
10. Mug Museum – (3:44)

RIYL: Nico; The Monkees; of Montreal;The Velvet Underground; The Pastels; Peter, Björn and John; Television

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