Caspian – “Hymn for the Greatest Generation” [EP]


Tag: Spotlight, Fresh Fruit

Release date: 11 November 2013

Caspian is an instrumental rock group from Massachusetts. Their year-end 2013 EP Hymn for the Greatest Generation contains three new tracks, along with one demo and two remixes of songs from 2012’s Waking Season. Guitarist Phil Jamieson described the EP as an “epilogue… a companion piece” for the previous album.  The cinematic title track is evocative of an epitaph and sets a contemplative tone for the rest of the album: after all, this is Caspian’s first release since the death of bassist Chris Friedrich. Tracks range from strings-backed post-rock to lone acoustic guitar to the twinkling piano and wordless vocals of the “Procellous” remix. Percussion, when present, is visceral and affective (yes, with an “a”), as seen in the “Halls of Summer” remix (ts ts ts ts BAM BAM BAM BAM). Buried waves of fuzz and feedback compliment a sustained guitar delay in the “High Lonesome” demo.  Fingerpicked guitar is juxtaposed against metallic/screeching attacks in “The Heart that Fed,” like an instrumental from The Ocean’s Pelagial. I like how I hear fingers slide across the guitar strings in “CMF;” it adds a sense of familial immediacy, like Caspian is your brother playing by your bedside after a hard day. Hymn for the Greatest Generation is beautiful, entrancing music for your tired head.

Skip for morning shows. Released through Triple Crown Records.

All clean! Yay post-rock cleanliness!

1. Hymn for the Greatest Generation – (7:36)
2. The Heart that Fed – (6:25)
3. CMF – (4:00)
4. High Lonesome [Demo Version] – (5:14)

5. Procellous [Arms & Sleepers remix] – (7:13)
6. Halls of the Summer [Lazerbeak remix] – (4:02)

RIYL: This Will Destroy You, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, The Ocean, M83

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