Ninja Tune/Big Dada Records – “Zen Sampler”


Tag: HeavySuper Spins, Fresh Fruit

Release date: 2013 (Various)

What we have here is the 2-Disc Ninja Tune/Big Dada Zen Sampler from the respective record labels. Ninja Tune primarily deals in ambient techno, house, and dubstep with Bristol Sound and UK Garage influences. It’s slightly experimental electronic music for basement clubs and movie love-making montages that drift into crazy fucked-up acid trip. There’s a distinctly British influence with focus on producer-cred through atmosphere rather than aggrandizement in beats. Minor keys and Dorian keys provide backbone for melody; voices dance in short phrases. The Big Dada side is all hip-hop, with hardcore, illbient, and industrial taking the lead. Schizophrenic rhythme skitter across the tracks, like the intense cravings of Death Grips fused with British experimentation polyrhythmia and disparate sound sources. This is a hugely varied sampler, ranging from a literal symphony to brash inner-cityism.  Ninja Tune and Big Dada release classy/edgy late-night driving music for the 2AM city lights playing on your windowshield.

Good for Friday Night/Saturday Night Parties. Ninja Tune for club shows, Big Dada for hip-hop shows. Only Disc 2 is morning show-appropriate. Out on, well, Ninja Tune/Big Dada.

All cuts! There are lots of No-Plays. First CD is Ninja Tune, second Big Dada. Double shots!

1. Machinedrum – Body Touch – (5:09) [chopped-up rave music]
2. Bonobo – Emkay – (5:25) [Burial-esque chilltronica]
3. Letherette – D&T, Dorian Concept remix – (5:07) [repetitive treble hits and cycling synths]
4. The Bug – Dirty, ft. Flowdan – (2:56) [industrial hip-hop with conscious lyrics]
5. King Midas Sound – Aroo – (4:42) [creepy post-rave that goes like AROOOO]
6. Toddla T Sound – Worst Enemy, Switch remix – (3:56) [minimalistic sexy R&B]
7. FaltyDL – She Sleeps, radio edit – (3:29) [subdued love-making tune]
8. Fat Ballet – Illum Sphere – (2:24) [Trent Reznor’s redux of the Goldeneye soundtrack]
9. Kid A – BB Bleu, Elephino remix – (5:18) [sounds like a lost Thom Yorke and Aaliyah collab]
10. Jono McCleery – Ballade, Djrum remix – (7:52) [UK Garage you’d play at a parish]
11. Raffertie – Benediction – (3:34) [reverbed singing against heavily crescendoing beats]
12. Lorn – Inverted – (2:10) [tension tension tension DROP]
13. Deco Child – Skinless, pt. 1 – (4:08) [piano and clapping against upbeat crooning]
14. Emika – Dem Worlds – (4:07) [orchestra for a really sad break-up where it’s nobody’s fault]
15. Jaga Jazzist & Britten Sinfonia – Bananfluer Overalt – (10:56) [it’s a fucking symphony]

1. Congo Natty – Get Ready VIP – (3:07) [calypso and fast-paced afrobeat)
2. Darq E. Freaker – Trojan – (2:39) [aggressive UK dubstep, complete with WUB WUB WUB
3. Sticky – It’s a Myth, feat. Sweep Dem – (2:42) [angry hip-hop with distorted beats]
4. Cell Broco – Little Bit in Love, radio edit – (4:05) [standard club-house]
5. Dobie – Saucy – (4:05) [earworm DnB samples against female “Hey! Ho!”]
6. VISION – Sims Life – (5:46) [multilayered techno with whispered directives]
7. Wiley – Flying – (2:52) [jittery hardcore hip-hop]
8. Tre Mission – Brunch, radio edit – (2:45) [strings-backed Squarepusher beats, spitfire rap]
9. Roots Manuva – Stolen Youth – (3:44) [disaffected lamentations on childhood]
10. Young Fathers – Come to Life – (2:44) [deranged as all hell lyrics with jungle beats]
11. Kate Tempest – Becky’s Theme – (3:55) [cringeworthy cockney self-affirmation]
12. Baishe Kings – Like – (3:07) [languid observational hip-hop]
13. DELS – Bird Milk, feat. Bella Wilde – (5:48) [aggrandizing meditations on self-worth]
14. Preditah – Vinyls VIP – (3:56) [trumpet samples on slow house rhythms]

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