Minor Alps – “Get There”


Tag: Heavy, Fresh Fruit

Release date: 29 October 2013

Northwestern indie/folk rock duo Minor Alps released their debut album Get There with considerable influence from mid-2000s Sub Pop artists. Arpeggiating lead guitars provide the backbone to a full-length spread of exploring loud/soft dynamics.  There are discreet harmonies between boy-girl vocals, with lots of “ahhh.” The awkward lyricism is rather endearing, as if Minor Alps captured a post-adolescent’s stream-of-consciousness. They’re relatable to all those problematic college and early-20s years (like planning for the future, fighting the norm, and realizing the one you love isn’t the person you thought they were). Fingerpicking acoustics mark the gentle songs with pastoral qualities. The heaviest song, “Mixed Feelings,” rocks just as hard as any other garage rock release; other heavy songs are a welcome shot of adrenaline that beats away any staleness. Early 2010s indie rock tends to sacrifice good instrumentalism for sloppiness, as if playing well is too mainstream. Minor Alps avoid this; they are an adept group of musicians who aren’t afraid to show it, and that’s refreshing. There is no purposeful haphazardness or sloppiness that requires suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed. Play it when you’re lying on the ground thinking of everything around you.

Out on Barsuk Records.

All clean, and feel free to explore!! Cuts are in bold, morning show-appropriate tracks have asterisks.

1. Buried Plans – (2:16)
2. *I Don’t Know What to Do with My Hands – (3:54)
3. *Far from the Roses – (4:06)
4. *If I Wanted Trouble – (3:51)
5. Maxon – (2:53)
6. Wish You  Were Upstairs – (3:12)
7. *Mixed Feelings – (2:23)
8. *Radio Static – (3:31)

9. *Lonely Low – (3:43)
10. *Waiting for You – (5:10)
11. Away Again – (5:03)

RIYL: Death Cab for Cutie, Damon & Naomi, Jason Lyttle, Telekinesis, Nada Surf, Juliana Hatfield Three

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