M+A – “These Days”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 30 September 2013

M+A is Italian duo Michele Ducci and Alessandro Degli Angioli, and boy do they make some sexy music on These Days. These Days is old-school house and hip-hop with Mediterranean club influences. The two artists swap singing in a soft R&B croon with slick rap interludes. They coolly synthesize the off-kilter textures of mid-90s alternative folk, like Beck, into something danceable. There are plenty of clapping rhythms and unn-tss to go around. Brass horns accentuate the party get-down lifestyle of funk and Italian disco that permeated the 70s/80s. M+A put some turntabilism in there that is kitschy when juxtaposed with their earnest attempt at authenticity. On a lot of songs, M+A just seem like they’re trying a little too hard. Piano-backed melodies with electronic drum kits throw a screwball into a mix that wouldn’t be out of place in an underground London dance club. M+A is classy, though, so getting into said club would require a long dress or bow tie (in addition to a smile and wink). So go sip a dry martini while eyeing your lover; M+A won’t do anything for the genre of house music, but it will be a great spin as your soundtrack to a night on the town.

Perfect for morning shows. Totally spin on the Friday/Saturday night parties. Out on Monotreme Records.

All clean, cuts are in bold!

1. When – (3:07)
2. B Song – (3:57)
3. Down the West Side – (3:55)
4. Freetown Solo – (3:07)
5. Game – (3:06)
6. New York There – (4:02)
7. L.E.M.O.N. – (5:45)

8. Practical Friday – (3:42)
9. De-Light – (3:53)
10. Slow – (3:46)
11. Midnight Radio – (4:07)

RIYL: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Marshall Jefferson, Autre Ne Veut, Marvin Gaye

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