Heavenly Beat – “Prominence”


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 14 October 2013

Former Beach Fossils member John Peña releases his 2nd full-length called Prominence under the moniker Heavenly Beat. Prominence is an indie rock/chilltronica mix that’s appealing, explorative, and wistful. Acoustic passages gently weave through a fog of studio haze. Whispered and subdued vocals stream through the mix like sunbeams through misty forests. Shimmery textures in feedback, echoes, and symphonic backings are juxtaposed with soft dynamic drum machine loops. There’s an enchanting steel drum melody on songs “Stable,” “Thin,” and “Complete.” Heavenly Beat is comparable to a less melancholic The xx that’s more into being alive. Prominence works best at its most subdued; at times it pushes hard with too much instrumentation and crowds out the music. This causes a noticeable side-2-slump on the 34-minute album. The best tracks have the least embellishments and just… exist for their own sake. Prominence is pretty – little else, but pretty nonetheless – and is a wonderful fall album. It’s soft, simple, and warmly sentimental.

Released on Captured Tracks Records.

All clean. Cuts are the reviewer’s favorites (in bold). Morning show-appropriate have asterisks. Feel free to explore though!

1. Prominence – (3:57)
2. *Stable – (3:31)
3. *Forever – (3:46)

4. *Honest – (4:12)
5. *Thin – (3:54)
6. *Expectation – (3:24)
7. Familiar – (4:06)
8. Complete – (3:52)
9. *Lengths – (3:32)

RIYL: The xx; Peter, Björn, and John; Starflyer 59; FaltyDL

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