FIGHTS – “Music for Villains”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 22 October 2013

The debut album of jazz-rock/funk/art rock group FIGHTS (stands for The Formal Institute of Great Hit Tunes) is boldly titled Music for Villains. Apparently they’re really influenced by Brain Eno’s Before and After Science. There’s serious fusion influence in the highly processed multi-leveled instruments, and the drums are vaguely reminiscent of reggae rock. The lead singer has that brassy tenor that’s popular in early 2010s indie, and contrasts with the earnestness of lyrics about orphans and good times with lovers. The electric flair brings new life in every song and is foot-tapping catchy. Everything about this album is bouncy and joyous. The glossy production occasionally detracts from the immediacy and jam-band attitude that FIGHTS emulates, however it does make it easier to hear things that would otherwise be lost in a live mix, like that rolling bass. The double-backed vocals add a faux-echo approach that’s fun to play loud! The second half is far more subdued and substantially stronger. Piano leads close the album in a reflective tone that suggests looking back on all the fun times that life gave these guys. But they’re thankful for it, and that’s refreshing. FIGHTS certainly produces some great hit tunes.

Play it up for morning shows. It’s self-released.

All clean! Cuts are in bold! Yay!

1. Beginning – (3:49)
2. Real Life – (3:36)
3. Lowdown Dirty Orphan – (3:33)
4. In Spades – (4:25)
5. Out There [Part One] – (3:34)
6. Invisible – (4:12)
7. Sinking Down – (4:22)
8. The Devil – (4:38)
9. Out There [Part Two] – (5:02)

RIYL: The Clash’s London Calling, Bedouin Soundclash, Salsoul Recordings, Brian Eno (maybe?)

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