CFCF – “Outside”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 22 October 2013

CFCF is the moniker of Montreal artist Michael Silver. Outside, his second full-length release, is a downtempo journey through slinky electronic soundscapes. Silver has worked with baroque artist and fellow Canadian Owen Pallett, and the mutual influence is obvious in either’s gradual build/release of tension through the addition and subtraction of seemingly innocuous layers of cycling loops to reveal deeper, richer textures. Low-key multi-tracked vocals are deeply buried in the mix. Effervescent synth lines drift in and out like the sighs of a forgotten lover. Hi-hats and punch-card bass hits proliferate in some tracks and are absent in others. Field recordings of birds and parks pleasantly appear in “Find,” and I wish that texture continued. Outside is immaculately well-produced with no expense spared; you can hear the vibrato in every hit of the keyboard. It’s tempered and still, although some songs (e.g. “The Forest at Night”) get lost in their own idealism. The better songs are the ambient ones; Silver isn’t at the level of musical maturity where he can excise ideas before they become precious. In time, though, he’ll be a fantastic beatician.

Skip for morning shows. Out on Paper Bag Records.

All clean! Cuts are in bold.

1. Beyond the Light – (4:45)
2. Jump Out of the Train – (6:35)
3. Strange Form of Life – (6:43)
4. Find – (4:08)
5. This Breath – (4:28)
6. Feeling Holding – (5:43)
7. The Forest at Night – (6:18)
8. Transcend – (3:29)
9. The Crossing – (5:20)
10. Walking in the Dust – (4:12)

RIYL: Owen Pallett, South Sea Island Magic, Eluvium, Úlfur

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