Red Fang – “Whales and Leeches”


Tag: HeavyFresh Fruit

Release date: 15 October 2013

Red Fang’s third full-length Whales and Leeches is sludge metal at its funnest. Maurice Giles roars like an animal, and Aaron Beam yells like a man fighting an animal in a locked room (with echo chamber effect to boot!). Tempest guitar riffs clash and swirl in distorted arch forms with drop-tuned backings. The preponderance of solos is punctuated by anthemic choruses. There’s a steadiness to each song brought by an uncomplicated rhythm section that provides the structural integrity for a weaving three-guitar attack; this also keeps the relatively steady drums from seeming dull. Anything more would overshadow the omnipresent air of bravado and unabashed (but not arrogant) masculinity. The lyrics are filled with debauchery and the dead; Whales and Leeches is evocative of raging hell against the fight for survival. It’s classically doomy in the vein of early Black Sabbath. Whales and Leeches will rock you hard (just look at that album art). It doesn’t break any ground, and don’t take it too seriously. Play it loud when you’re locked in a padded cell.

Morning shows and metal shows! Out on Relapse Records.

Play anything! But watch the No-Plays: #3 and #5.

DOEN – (3:17)
Blood Like Cream – (3:33)
No Hope – (2:58)
Crows in Swine – (3:01)
Voices of the Dead – (2:43)
Behind the Light – (2:44)
Dawn Rising – (7:01)
Failure – (4:56
1516 – (3:37)
This Animal – (2:42)
Every Little Twist – (4:40)

RIYL: Mastodon, Baroness, Cave In’s White Silence, Black Sabbath, The Sword

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