Pixies – “EP1”


Tag: Passing Interest

Release date: 2 September 2013

I never thought I’d say this, but Pixies are fuckin dead, and EP1 proves it. From genre-smashing/defining and incredibly inspirational albums like Doolittle and Surfer Rosa, the new Pixies are little more than corporate-alternative/post-grunge Top 40. This isn’t the Pixies. This is a victim of the loudness war (disappointing, too, since the band was praised for their spaciousness), where everything is mastered at the exact same level. The gratuitous Spanish tells me Black Francis is trying too hard to relive the glory days. There are foot-tapping catchy drum rhythms and the usual cryptic lyrics. Everything else feels stale. Are these love songs? The Pixies are just another interchangeable faceless rock band on EP1. It’s sad. Stick to the old stuff: play this out of curiosity and forget about it.

Good for morning shows… sorta. Self-released.

Don’t play track 3.

Andro Queen – (3:24) [hello midlife crisis, with Spanish!]
Another Toe in the Ocean – (3:46) [wow such wah-wah pedal]
Indie Cindy – (4:41) [these lyrics are like a list of comebacks to high school bullies 30 years too late, or responses from r/gonewild]
What Goes Boom – (3:32)
[seriously is this a love song?]

RIYL: sadness, not the Pixies

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