[News] Edinburgh!

So, Edinburgh is fantastic. I’m moving here, bye everyone!

But seriously, it’s been phenomenal. I got in two days ago after traveling for over 30 hours since 10AM Tuesday morning. Halloween was last night; I can now say I’ve partied in the oldest student union in either the world or England. Either way, it’s a feat of which I am proud.

Music related: there’s this awesome shop on Clerk St. called Record Shak owned by a Scottish vinyl/CD collector. He’s got an accent that Americans can understand, and has one of the best music collections I’ve ever seen for a shop! I bought four British albums (of which I previously didn’t have physical copies) for 20 pounds: Suede’s Dog Man Star, Radiohead’s In Rainbows, Manic Street Preacher’s The Holy Bible, and Massive Attack’s Blue Lines.

Also, note to other record shop owners: don’t be a jackass when people enter your store. There’s another shop I visited here whose name I honestly can’t recall (it was some really bland CD shop name) that were total jackasses about asking for certain CDs and didn’t even try to hide their judgment on their patrons’ music tastes. Don’t do that. I’m just going to walk call you a dick and walk out of your store if you do.

But, Edinburgh is amazing! Two more days here, then off to London!


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