Seasick Steve – “Hubcap Music”


Tag: eh., Stick-to-the-cuts

Release date: 8 October 2013 [physical release]

Nashville artist Seasick Steve‘s sixth album Hubcap Music features collaborations from Jack White and John Paul Jones. Steve plays on custom guitars modified from hubcaps, metal plates, and garden hoes to create a signature blue-collar country sound. He sings about the standard folk rock affair of difficulties in making a living as a working classman, with lyrics straight from your high school guidance counselor’s motivational posters. The majority of songs move far away from Steve’s past releases in lo-fi blues into straight-up polished southern/country rock. Unfortunately, the increased clarity also brings in bland country riffs and that awkward half-spoken word singing popular in Top 40 country that sounds vaguely like rapping. By far, the better songs return to Steve’s blues roots, like the laconic “Over You,” which also shows off Steve’s deft fingerstyle acoustic guitar work that fails to translate into his electric work. Hubcap Music is not bad, but extremely “eh.” Choose this as your background music to that episode of NPR’s All Things Considered on socioeconomic degradation in the rust belt.

Mention country shows and blues shows! Also works for morning shows. Released on Third Man Records.

Play only the cuts (bold!), and definitely not the no-plays (#6, #8).

Down on the Farm – (3:49)
Self-Sufficient Man – (4:16)
Keep on Keepin’ on – (3:52)
Over You – (3:18)
The Way I Do – (4:50)

Purple Shadows – (4:18)
Freedom Road – (5:35)
Home – (3:31)
Hope – (3:14)
Heavy Weight – (5:09)
Coast Is Clear – (5:08)
[Untitled Hidden Track] – (0:49) [engine revving]

RIYL: [No idea. I’m out of my league here.]

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