Caillte Agus Marbh – “Caillte Agus Marbh” EP


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 5 August 2013

Caillte Agus Marbh is stationed out of Rhode Island, and this is their debut release via a two track self-titled EP. The first track is instrumental black metal with less tremolo than crunch in the guitars. There is a slight gated reverb on the drums, which is off-putting for black metal, but at least it makes the lower-end sounds audible. It’s repetitive, but enjoyable. The second track is a dark ambient song in the vein of Burzum or Locrian. The empty-sounding, high-tenor synths are depressing, and the drony texture creates a dreamlike atmosphere. The song becomes noisier with affected time-delay whispers past the 4-minute mark, as if a malevolent presence is invading your dream (get out of here, Gengar!). It’s good music for being haunted.

First track is good for metal (maybe even mornings if your listeners are hardcore), the second for experimental/ambient shows. Self-released.

All clean.

Nightfall Laced with Crimson Skies – (4:37) [metal]
Tornado of Souls – (7:04) [ambient]

RIYL: Burzum, Locrian, Darkthrone, Wyndell Hunt

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