Drukne – “Drukne” EP [2013 Remaster]


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 11 August 2013

The 2013 remaster (from an October 2012 original release) self-titled EP by atmospheric black metal one-man project Drukne (Norwegian for “drowning”) creates the milieu of a frozen wasteland. There is no buzzsaw/tenor attack on which most black metal bands focus; Drukne has a far more subdued production style. Every instrument is buried on top of the other. The highly distorted tremolo causes every picked note to bleed into the next. There are no complex riffs or time signature changes; the guitars cycle through several different chords played for the same duration. This imparts feelings of callous impassivity, expounded by Drukne‘s tribal drum beats, as if the environment you’re in cares not about your livelihood.  There is a slight metallic reverb on every track, as if each song were recorded in a cave.  The vocals have no dynamic – they cut in at full volume in heavily distorted shrieks that taunt you by suddenly stopping before beginning once more at equal volume. The lack of dynamic is very raw, but not in the sense of a demo or being unrefined. In fact, its almost-ambient texture is rather peaceful… or maybe that’s just Death telling you shhhhh, it’s time to go to sleep now.

No no no for morning shows. Yes yes yes for metal shows. This is self-released.

All clean. Play any!

The Metamorphosis – (3:11) [guitar and restrained vocals]
The Despiser – (6:58) [blackest track on the EP]
Buried Ashes – (8:25) [funeral doom guitar solo from 5:30-6:20]
The Overcoming of the Great Void – (7:28) [rawest/ambient production]
Aurora Imperium – (3:11) [instrumental: solo guitar]

RIYL: Deafheaven, Leviathan, Opeth, Wrekmeister Harmonies

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