Füxa – Dirty D


Tag: Medium

Release date: 29 August 2013

Detroit band Füxa’s (pronounced “fyoo-sha”) 10th full-length album Dirty D sounds like a re-imagined Blade Runner soundtrack, or whatever plays in the Space Mountain queue line. Sixteen different collaborators worked on this album; BJ Cole’s steel guitar is a true standout, and he adds a beautiful organic quality over Füxa’s robotic style. The album is roughly split over three sections: the first third of the album is ambient, the middle third features skittering drum machines and real, actual lyrics, and the final third closes in glitchy textures. Some ideas are rehashed a little too often, such as whatever electronic instrument goes “wooOOOOOOoooOOOOOoooo” over and over again (you know what I mean, right? not a theramin, either! see “Whisper” if you don’t believe me). It occasionally reminds me of Brian Eno’s Music for Films series. There’s a cover of “Stand By Me” that will work for some and not for others. It’s a rather uneven album in terms of quality; the good tracks are good, but there’s too much rehashing of previously explored ideas that the non-cuts are pretty bland. Overall, not a bad release, but would’ve been stronger if released as an EP. Dirty D is good background music for flying through space, or experience Spaceman Spiff’s existential crisis.

Released on Rocket Girl.

Probably better to skip this one for morning shows.

Cuts are in bold, as always.

The Blue Barracuda – (3:45)
Reverse – (2:17)
Berzap – (3:45)
Inside – (2:56)
Should Out Loud – (2:41)
Sun Is Shining – (6:21)
Dirty D – (6:21)
Forward –(2:20)
Razzamatazz – (2:51)
Whisper – (4:11)
Unknown – (4:11)
Stand By Me [Ben E. King cover] – (4:13)

RIYL: R Plus Seven-era Oneohtrix Point Never, Steve Hauschildt, Robert Fripp

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