The Head and the Heart – “Let’s Be Still”


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Release date: 15 October 2013

Let’s Be Still is the sophomore release from Seattle six-piece The Head and the Heart, the creative outlet of Californian Josiah Johnson and Virginian Jonathan Russell. They play an indie folk rock flowing with violins and gentle guitar arpeggios. Johnson’s west coast early 90s alt-rock arrangements are tempered by Russell’s Appalachian harmonies and folk instruments. The two form a boy/girl singing trifecta (along with violinist Charity Rose Thielen) that croons about messy relationships, enjoying the little things, and all of those little early 20s oh-shit-I’m-a-grown-up moments. The songs are striking when the disparate influences inform each other rather than letting one take over. The rockier songs are awkward, the folkier ones are insincere, and there isn’t much going on here that’s new. Let’s Be Still is cozy, if pedantic, and good fall music. It’s for lying in the grass on a cold Sunday morning, feeling the world turn beneath you.

Great for your folk rock shows.

Out on Sub Pop Records.

Songs appropriate for morning shows have asterisks. Watch out for that No-Play: #13.

*Homecoming Heroes – (3:46)
*Another Story – (4:33)
Springtime – (0:53)
*Summertime – (2:53)
Josh McBride – (5:13)
*Shake – (4:01)
Cruel – (4:59)
Let’s Be Still – (4:28)
*My Friends – (3:22)
*10,000 Weight in Gold – (4:12)
*Fire/Fear – (4:15)
These Days are Numbered – (4:14)
Gone – (6:26)

RIYL: Peter Björn & John, Iron & Wine, Mark Kozelek’s happier songs, pumpkin spice lattés

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