Stave – “Reform”


Tag: Medium

Release Date: 5 August 2013

Reform is the seven-track industrial/ambient debut of Chicago musician Jonathan Krohn (from Male) under the moniker Stave. Found sounds (e.g. wind-up toys, static, and air sirens) pulsate to form an off-kilter rhythmic foundation. White noise and gasps of melody simultaneously coalesce and compete in a dark rave sound that is unsettling but entrancing, like if Burial composed the soundtrack to Alien or the last half of Requiem for a Dream*. Stave attempts to create crescendos through gradually unfolding sound, but the highly compressed production subdues any dynamics. This problem is especially prevalent on the longer tracks; I just feel teased, especially since the lack of climax does not feel deliberate. There is little thematic variance outside of different samples per track. However, the short 31-minute length keeps any staleness from setting in for too long. Reform sounds like an industrial mix-tape that requires refinement, but it is not a bad debut.

Do not play this for your morning shows unless you are a vampire. Totally great for your experimental/ambient ones and freaking out your mother.

Released on Jonathan Krohn’s own label, Flingco Sound.

*Editor’s note: Never again.

All clean. Cuts first, then the rest (you know how this goes).

The Fear – (5:40)
Stave – (5:30)
Tower 9 – (3:29)
Gun Control – (5:03)
Reform – (5:05)
Disc 1 – (2:11)
Minus 3 – (5:43)

RIYL: early Aphex Twin, Autechre, Gas, Burial, Kane Ikin

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