Gunther Doug – “Gunther Doug”


Tag: Spotlight

Release date: 7 September 2013

The debut self-titled EP from Nashville, TN garage rock three-piece Gunther Doug is filled with extremely reverb-filled garage rock that actually sounds like it was produced in a garage. Every sound – from the eccentric guitar leads to the yells, bawls, and shouts – is amped up to the far right of the meter. There’s just crazy shit flinging itself everywhere! Gunther Doug is a smörgåsbord of 60s blues, early-90s alt-rock riffs, and swirly melodies straight out of that unknown progressive band your dad’s had since college that he swears were really gonna make it big, man. Gunther Doug thankfully avoids the typecast of indie-cred-through-obtuseness by playing jangly hooks, pumped-up cadences, and enough rhythm changes to keep things interesting but not jarring. Gunther Doug is fun, fast, and completely all over the place in a very exciting way. This is full-speed highway driving music meant to be blasted hard and loud. (Also play this EP when you’re hungover and staring in the mirror, thinking “oh God what/who did I do last night.”)

Play the hell out of these tracks for morning shows.

Out on Red Rholl Recordings.

All clean. Play any, and play them loud.

Rainbow Cloud – (1:03)
Already There – (4:03)
E-flat – (3:13)
Solar Trader – (3:50)
Danger House – (3:09)
Christmas Song – (5:03)

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