“45 Speed” Specialty Show – October 15, 2013

Here’s the setlist for the 45 Speed specialty show on WVFS Tallahassee, 89.7FM. 45 Speed is a vinyl-only show where 7-inch records are the sole format played on air from 10PM to 12AM every Tuesday. It’s a pretty fun show, and tonight was my second time spinning it!

My personal favorite tracks are in bold.

Isan – My Soaring Heart (noooo turntable noooo stop skipping you can’t do this already)
Red Red Meat – Intro/Leather (garage rock band that wants you to know how indie they are; teenagers listen: there’s a naked girl on the cover of the vinyl)
The Gwens – The Feelings Mutual (indie rock that’s even more indie than the previous)
Pivot – Drain (Dismemberment Plan meets spacious 80s post-hardcore)
Health – Crimewave (no wave dance-punk from the 70s with more dnb)
Black Eyes – Have Been Murdered Again (trying really hard to recapture nyc dance-punk, but at least they tried)
Whysall Lane – During the Mutiny (beautiful major-minor folk rock with sea captain imagery)
Lali Puna – Common Ground (tribal melodies overlayed by spoken word poetry)
Icebreaker – Melody for NATO (gorgeous chillwave with delicate, flowing synths complimented by a simple drum machine loop)
Retribution Gospel Choir – Maharisha (white stripes-esque instruments with a hair metal vocalist)
Adult Themes – Four Fires (they’re really edgy, guys – just listen to them go “awooooo” with their locked inner groove)
Clock Strikes Thirteen – Waking Up Inside Lucy the Elephant (meandering chilltastic post-rock for staring up at trees)
Jimmy Eat World – 77 Satellites (back when they were way more emo and totally, unabashedly fun)
Flying Saucer Attack – Everywhere Was Everything (droney fuzz/reverb-laden guitars and subdued vocals for an absolutely beautiful time, although I’m kinda biased since they’re one of my favorite bands)
Hunting Lodge – The Average Sound of Whitley Bay (accidentally played this on 33 1/3 whooooops)
Anklebiter – Angle of Incidence/Dynamic Ribbon Device (a fresh breath of 90s rock air, short and sweet)
Sentridoh – Losercore (a 20-something’s twist on outlaw country, so it seems)
The Botswanas – Primitive High (female-fronted Rolling Stones)
Aloha – Boys in the Bathtub (sunny indie rock with violins and pianos)
Walkmink – Pink Moon [Nick Drake cover] (intriguing upbeat rock cover of the classic despondent “anthem,” but the nasally pop punk vocals don’t really add anything)
World War IX – Portrait of Sobriety (Jello Biafra fronted The Casualties, who knew?)
The Secret Stars – RPMs (painful unrequited love song you wanted to write back in middle school)
San Agustin – Untitled (exceptionally restrained post-rock in the vein of early Tortoise)
The Pedaljets – Terra Nova (hackneyed 80s gothic-alt-rock-ish)
Wobbly – Tiny Tongue (what the hell is going on, I could shake the needle and nobody would know)
Girls Names – A Troubled See (finally, an 80s-esque song that isn’t masturbating all over the place!)
Joan of Arc – Man Needs a Maid [Man Needs a Maid] (ehhhhh, it’s an interesting acoustic cover, but a passing one)
Rex – Lean Through (apparently I chose all the slow sad songs for the end of this shift)
Track Star – The View from Space (spacey (yep) slow indie rock SERIOUSLY HOW DID I STICK MYSELF WITH THIS)
Monotract – Tracing Glance (well, that was different)


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