The Can’t Tells – “No Television”


Tag: Super Spins, Heavy

Release date: 22 October 2013

The Can’t Tells consists of east coast garage rockers Mike DiSanto, Blaze McKenzie, and Jon Smith. Their release No Television thrives off 60s three-chord protopunk (think Jonathan Richman) while mixing in the harmonies and reverb-filled attack of early 90s indie. McKenzie and Smith play a great rhythm section of bouncy bass lines and low-key drums that complement the driving-yet-subdued nature of each track. Nothing about this release is crazy or more embellished than it needs to be. The production sounds like a jam band in a south beach bar, with spacious guitars and the vocal echo of a live show. DiSanto and McKenzie trade-off songs in baritone and countertenor, making consecutive tracks feel refreshingly progressive. The Can’t Tells sound like they’re having fun and happy to be playing for you, and that fun nicely translates onto the listener.

Out on Medical Records.

All songs are great, the cuts (in bold) are the best, and feel free to explore! Morning show-appropriate tracks have an asterisk (*).  Lots of short tracks, so total recommendation for playing more than one in a spin. Watch the No-Play on #6.

*Lying to Myself – (2:02)
*Knives – (1:52)
*Basement – (2:56)
Drugstore – (3:47)
Nothing Heavy – (5:12)
No Television – (2:56)
*Insincere – (4:38)
*Give Me Something to Like – (2:02)
Don’t Make Me Fake It – (4:53)
Real Imitator – (6:20) [track ends at 4:55, rest is feedback]

RIYL: The Modern Lovers, El Camino-era The Black Keys, Telekinesis, early 90s British indie rock

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