Teen Daze – “Glacier”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 1 October 2013

Winter is coming, and she is the muse of Canadian musician Teen Daze’s newest release Glacier. Teen Daze plays ethereal shoegazy dream pop with an icy texture, as hinted by the album title. Glacier is part of the year-end downtempo electronic trend expounded by artists such as Tycho, with subdued melodies, monophonic drum samples, and humming synths. Effervescent vocals fade in and out of misty arias. Like most winter albums, Glacier has a reflective tone, yet feels present rather than nostalgic. Each track effectively builds and releases tension more so than is typically belied by dream pop; the album resembles the languid cousin of M83’s Dead Cities, Red Seas, Lost Ghosts, and Teen Daze does fairly well at avoiding prettiness-for-prettiness’s-sake. Some tracks end on a brown note or have drone elements, subtly signifying the deathlike undertones of winter.

Do not recommend for morning shows.

Out on Lefse Records.

All clean. Bold tracks are cuts. Feel free to experiment.

Alaska – (4:44)
Autumnal – (5:25)
Ice on the Windowsill – (4:34)
Tundra – (4:42)
Flora – (5:57)
Listen – (5:27)
Forest at Dawn – (6:21)
Walk – (5:41)

RIYL: Tycho, Seefeel, M83, Simon Scott, walking in misty forests

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