Hank 3 – “A Fiendish Threat”


Tag: Passing Interest

Release date: 1 October 2013

A Fiendish Threat is an album by Hank 3, the grandson of early country musician Hank Williams. The concept, an attempt at a country/hardcore punk hybrid, sounds intriguing, but quickly turns stale.  A Fiendish Threat completely relies on one gimmick: extreme lo-fi recordings that are so compressed they sound like unfinished demos. Hank 3’s voice sounds like it’s coming from blown-out computer speakers. The extreme compression creates easily noticeable distortion whenever a new sound is added to the mix (watch for constant clipping). The exact same driving bass and drum beats play through the entire 55-minute, 13-track album; the only exception is the comparatively psychedelic “Your Floor,” which sounds like Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” off of Paranoid. The songs are too long; these passages were designed for two or three minutes of playing, not four-and-a-half to six minute epics. Low quality can certainly add to the milieu of some music – e.g. black metal, vaporwave, hardcore punk – but this is so obviously made to sound bad that it just ends up sounding bad, and it is slightly insulting to hardcore punk fans by assuming lo-fi correlates to the authenticity of punk. Hank 3 just tries too hard (is that a Misfits/Minor Threat reference in the album title?), and that’s this album’s downfall. The amalgamation of country and punk is a fantastic idea, and it’s a shame that it wasn’t executed with better intent.

Play a track for curiosity’s sake. There aren’t any cuts, and this album is not recommended for rotation. It will grate on the ears if played consistently. I cannot identify any No-Plays as the vocals are too muddled.

Can I Rip U – (3:41)
Different From the Rest – (4:19)
There’s Another Road – (4:49)
Broke Jaw – (5:11)
Watchin U Suffer – (6:15)
Breakin Free – (5:08)
Face Down – (4:00)
New Identity – (3:55)
Feel the Sting – (4:42)
Fight My Way – (2:48)
Full On – (2:13)
Your Floor – (3:77)
A Fiendish Threat – (4:55)

RIYL: I can’t recommend this album at all.

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