Campfire OK – “When You Have Arrived”


Tag: Heavy

Release date: 17 September 2013

When You Have Arrived is the sophomore full-length album from alt-country band Campfire OK. The five-piece incorporates an impressive array of banjos, piano, horns, guitars, and bass, rounded off by a Northwest indie rock influence belying their hometown of Seattle, WA. Singer-songwriter Mychal Cohen’s nasal tenor has a welcoming, slightly pedestrian texture similar to John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats. There is little pretension or escapism through nuisance that is the bane of folk rock bands; Campfire OK is celebrating Americana in the sense of being alive. When You Have Arrived reminds me of three-hour car rides with my best friends in North Carolina as we’re on our way to whatever random adventure was decided by last night’s moonshine-addled minds. That’s what I like most about this album: each track ends having instilled that subtle passion that makes me excited with my life, where I can continue the day with good feelings in my heart.

Perfect for morning shows. Also good for singer-songwriter, country, and folk shows. Released on Fugitive Recordings.

All clean! Cuts are in bold, feel free to explore.

2&3 – (3:20)
My Dear Friends – (3:42)
Wishing You the Best – (3:29)
Fireworks at Night – (3:01)
New Tradition – (3:11)
Pretty & Kind – (4:19)
Whereabouts – (2:56)
Orange Grove
– (4:32)
Wooden Queen (feat. Melodie Knight) – (4:07)
When You Have Arrived – (4:20)
Smoke Out Your Eyes (feat. Melodie Knight) – (4:53)
Our Hearts Beat Light (To an Orange Grove) – (3:33) [not morning-show appropriate]

RIYL: The Gaslight Anthem, The Mountain Goats, Beirut, My Morning Jacket

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