Boreal Sons – “Threadbare”


Tag: Medium

Release date: 1 October 2013

Evan Wesley Acheson and Reagan Cole McLean make up the creative core of the Canadian group Boreal Sons. They call themselves “piano-led art-rock” on their self-released album Threadbare, but they’re a standard baroque indie band. The album elicits a day in the park on a snowfallen Sunday morning, with the Sons as your guides in this chilly world. Acheson’s tenor is nothing new, and his lyricism falls into the trend of saccharine pseudo-humanization that every Postal Service follower tries too hard to replicate (in fact, Acheson’s rounded vocal patterns remind me quite a bit of Ben Gibbard). However, the Sons are less melancholy than their contemporaries and less masturbatory. There are echoey background guitars, lots of piano (they weren’t kidding), trumpets, and violins. The song structures are quite varied, but like most baroque bands following Bon Iver, the Sons occasionally suffer from the erroneous belief that more is good, and the embellishment wears on your palette. The better songs have minimum accompaniment and less competition between instruments. Threadbare tires me after 47 minutes, but is a good listen in pieces.

Physical release comes courtesy of A Man A Plan a Canal.

All clean. Bold tracks are cuts. Ones with an asterisk (*) are appropriate for morning shows.

Bloom – (3:42)
*Sparks – (3:28)
*Quietly Awake – (4:22)
Refrain – (4:29)
*The Falconer – (4:59)
*Sawdust – (4:39)
*Ingrid – (2:35)
Coward – (5:01)
Tremble –(4:15)
Secret Keeper – (4:46)
We Were Hiding – (4:57)

RIYL: Rachel’s, solo Ben Gibbard, Starflyer 59, Iron & Wine

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